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ANDYSMANCLUB is a charity that supports men’s mental health by providing free peer-to-peer support groups in the UK and online. We at The Bigger Boat built a website that guides men to find support from nearby clubs quickly and easily.

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The challenge

When the COVID lockdown caused more people to feel lonely and isolated, ANDYSMANCLUB’s in-person support also had to stop. During this period, the charity’s online communication became even more important, and the website became a crucial tool. However, the website couldn’t handle the growing number of people looking for help and often crashed. This was really tough for many users because they relied on the website for support when they needed it the most.

After learning about these problems, we at The Bigger Boat felt motivated to create a website that could swiftly and easily guide men to find support from nearby clubs.

ANDYSMANCLUB homepage view

The solution

It’s really important that people visiting the website and going through tough times don’t get overwhelmed. That’s why the navigation needed to be simple, and the main action ‘Find your nearest group’ in the spotlight. Other actions are now tucked away in a burger menu. We’ve also made sure that important information like meetup times, dates, and the fact that these meetings are free to attend are shown all over the site. This way, everyone can see easily that there’s support available.

The colors on the site were changed to mostly black and white, with a bright yellow color for the main colour pallete. Using a strong, bold typeface to give the site a more masculine look, which would appeal to the men who use it.

ANDYSMANCLUB club finder view

We’ve made the website better for people using mobile devices by improving how it looks and works. The design is now simpler and easier to find important info. When you scroll, there are smooth transitions that make using the website more enjoyable.

We’ve also added testimonials and videos in different parts of the site. This helps people who are having a tough time learn about others who had good experiences with ANDYSMANCLUB. Now, there’s a stronger feeling of being part of a community, and users can see the team, trustees, and many facilitators who are there to give men a safe place to talk.

ANDYSMANCLUB full webpage view 1ANDYSMANCLUB full webpage view 2

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