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Govox has a platform that helps people with their mental health and wellbeing. It works in different places like businesses, schools, and sports groups. They help find people who might be struggling with their mental health and connects them with the right help.

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The challenge

After growing a lot in the past four years, Govox needed a new look for its brand and a new website. This would show how much the company has changed and what it believes in.

The founders of Govox started the company because they lost friends to suicide. This made the project really important to them. The new brand had to show the things the company cares about: supporting people, trust, and making connections that can help save lives.

Govox form views

The solution

Sometimes, it’s hard to see when someone is struggling with their mental health. But Govox has a chance to help organizations notice this and raise awareness. The new brand had a lot to live up to.

We at The Bigger Boat made the brand icon to show what Govox is about. It’s not just the letter ‘g’. It’s also a brain, which shows mental health, an ear to listen, and a speech bubble to talk. The looped line represents Govox’s approach to wellbeing. We thought about using moving images for the logo from the start.

The colors we used are bright on purpose. Govox turns tough situations into good results, and we wanted to show this. We also made special icons for the steps of Govox’s platform: ‘connect, identify, and support’. We updated how this important part of the brand looks.

We made a modern brand that will work as Govox grows worldwide. And to keep the new brand right, we gave clear guidelines on how to use it.

Govox full webpage 1Govox full webpage 2

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