This project was done during my time at The Bigger Boat

In 2020 and 2021, Location Collective, which is the top place in London for the film and TV industry to find spaces, started OMA Studio Group. This is the biggest group of film studios in London. Lets explore how we at The Bigger Boat made a website visible to more people so they know about this new space and give the film industry important technical details.

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The challenge

Location Collective is a top choice in London for the film and TV production industry when you need filming spaces. If you’re watching something on TV or online right now, there’s a good chance that some of the scenes were shot in locations managed by Location Collective.

But not all of their locations are outside. Besides their spots around London, they have a film studio campus called OMA Studio Group. This campus has many buildings close to each other, and it offers more than 368,000 square feet of top-notch sound stages and support spaces for production. OMA Studio Group has really great facilities.

Since there’s a lot of important technical info about the film studios and what they offer, they needed a special website just for OMA Studio Group. This website tells everyone about their owned studio spaces, which they’ve been growing at the same time as their main business over the past few years.

OMA homepage view

The solution

Having really big support spaces for production is very important. There are 10 stages, all soundproofed, and together they’re 242,000 square feet. It’s really crucial that these awesome benefits and technical details are easy for people in the industry to find out about, and they need to be explained clearly.

So, what we did is we made pages for each part of OMA Studio Group. Each page talks about the sites that are included, how to get there, and more info. Going even deeper, one big thing we did was make a map that you can interact with. This map shows the whole studio campus and the different stages in it. For each stage, you can see details like how high the ceiling is and how much electricity it has.

OMA full webpage 1OMA full webpage 2

With the main menu at the top, users have two ways to look around the studio spaces. They can check out spaces by the site they’re in or by the type of space it is, like stages, support spaces, or offices. This helps busy people in the industry quickly find the space they want and see all the important details.

We’re happy that we made the brand and website for Location Collective, and we’re also excited to be a part of their new business, OMA Studio Group.

OMA mobile grabs

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