Rickett Architects

Rickett Architects

This project was done during my time at The Bigger Boat

Rickett Architects, established in 1972, is a well-experienced architecture company that takes a practical approach to building spaces. They assist clients through all stages of their projects. The company wanted a fresh website that would show their business vision accurately and match the quality and style of their work.

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The challenge

A well-respected player in its field, Rickett Architects needed a website that would showcase fifty years of experience and remain relevant for many more. It was also crucial to highlight the style and quality of their work, which involves creating innovative designs that suit their surroundings and purpose. Their old website was clunky and hard to use, which didn’t match the great experience clients had when working with them.

Furthermore, the existing visuals on the website didn’t capture the modern and elegant look of the firm’s projects or reflect their values of being clear and simple. It also didn’t do justice to their impressive work. Rickett Architects approached us to help them create a website that truly represented their reputation.

Rickett Architects homepage view

The solution

Rickett Architects is made up of lead designers and architects who are really skilled in their field. They create stylish designs that also offer good value. We at The Bigger Boat wanted the website to show these qualities.

On the desktop version, there’s a vertical navigation bar that stays on the side of the page as you scroll. It has a progress indicator that shows how far down the page you are. When you click on it, a big menu appears. These design details make the site easy to use and feel modern.

Rickett Architects mobile views

The main focus was on showing the architectural work. The projects are surrounded by simple white space, making the pictures stand out. We kept the text short and the design simple, so the website matches the firm’s modern style and lets the pictures of their projects do the talking.

Even though we were originally asked to make a new website, Rickett Architects liked our designs so much that they also made changes to their brand and logo. Now, not only the website, but also their other materials look as good as they should for a company like theirs.

Rickett Architects full webpage 1Rickett Architects full webpage 2

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