The Leadership Factor

The Leadership Factor

This project was done during my time at The Bigger Boat

The Leadership Factor (TLF) creates special research plans for businesses, both B2B and B2C, no matter how big they are. After the research, TLF helps the businesses use the results to make better decisions. They wanted us to make a new website that works well on mobile devices. They also wanted the website to be easier to use, so people could find things better, buy products more easily, and understand the company better.

Visit the website TLF Homepage view

The challenge

TLF has a lot of different things on their website, but the old website made it hard to find what you wanted. Filtering and finding articles that were written more than a few months ago was almost impossible. This meant that TLF wasn’t using all the time and work they put into making really good articles.

Another problem TLF had was turning their Customer Insight magazine into a digital version. Before the pandemic, they made this magazine with a cool design, then printed it and gave it to businesses. But when more people started working from home, fewer people wanted to give their address, so the magazine became something most people read online. Because of this, TLF wanted to change how the magazine looks online and not just have it as a PDF.

They liked the way we thought about their ideas and how we worked on things, so they wanted to work with us more. They asked us to make a new website that focuses on their content and is good for business. They also wanted to let people buy things from the website. The main thing we had to do was to find a way to help people find their important content and make the website look better, so it’s easier to use. This way, more people will be interested and might want to work with TLF.

TLF menu view

The solution

TLF had lots of articles on their old website. We at The Bigger Boat looked at the data and chose the most important ones. To help people find all the different content, we put it in a special area called the CX Insights Hub. We also made a big button that people can easily see at the bottom of the page to go there. We used a smart search tool called Algolia for a more direct search approach. This helps people find things even better and more easily.

A big challenge was turning TLF’s magazine into a digital version. We made it look like a magazine online and Algolia search helps people find things fast. People can also see the latest magazine or download old ones in PDF format.

We made the website simpler, so it’s easier for people to use on different devices. The menu now helps you find TLF’s different services - things like Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Experience Design, and Creative Communication. The website works well on all devices now.

It’s much easier to check out past webinars or sign up for new ones, plus you can also join training and events about customer experience. With Shopify, you can easily buy things from TLF’s store.

TLF full webpage view 1TLF full webpage view 2

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